Nissan GTR is going to India. अच्छा!


The single most valuable piece of advice I’ve been given in recent years is this:

“Your content will be your currency in the future.”

Which, when I first thought about it, sounded like utter gobbledygook. But then I thought about it again, and blimey, I was wrong. The biggest TV channel in the world, that’s YouTube, creates no videos. The biggest social network in the world produces no content, it just vectors other people’s. Spotify, Vevo, Tidal. They don’t make music, they merely endorse it and promote it. So, as much as my ego would rather I didn’t, I started to (occasionally) post news and host car reviews from fellow car writers and friends.

Which is why, for instance, I’ve written and published several posts, articles, videos, columns and what-have-you about the Maserati Quattroporte recently because I’ve driven it, but I had never ever written a single word about the Nissan GTR because, well, I have not.

I’ve been driven around a 900 BHP Monstaka special edition GTR in Monaco once, but I wasn’t driving, and I had made a video, which got lost when I changed my smartphone. And I’ve shot a short #carspotting video of it at The Mall in London. That’s it.

It’s not about survival of the fittest, I think it’s a case of survival of the most dynamic.

Well, as it happens, in February 2016 Nissan announced that the GTR will be available in India, which is the second most populous country in the world, from September 2016.

Wow. Well, now that I’ve taken this huge burden off of my chest I can go back to writing about things I personally experience. Like the Ssangyong Korando I’ve driven this week which is boring. Ah, for chriss…

words & video: Alessandro Renesis

photography: Nissan USA


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