Flabbergasted London → Overfinch

Overfinch was founded in Leeds in 1975 and you may have heard of them, or seen one of their cars by chance, except you didn’t know and thought they were just Range Rovers.

What they do is quite simple, they take Land Rover vehicles, like the Defender, the Evoque, or the “classic” Range Rover, and tune them, change them, enhance them until the final result looks like a Range Rover that has gone to Finland for the SPAs, then to Kitzbühel for a spot of skiing and then to Barbados for a tan. And then it comes back, as conspicuous (or discreet, depending upon your taste) as you like.

The car you see in the picture is a one-off Range Rover for London which, as you may have guessed, has been build to celebrate The City and it bears the silhouette and various landscapes of London on the dashboard and door panels.


Dynamically and mechanically, it is based on the Range Rover V8 Autobiography and just like the original Rangie, it’s got a 5 litre v8 with 510HP, 0-60 is dealt with in just over 5 seconds and the top speed is 155 mph. The body is different, with new bumpers and a new grille and a new stainless steel exhaust system but the real improvement is to be found inside the car. Over 250 hours have been spent on the interior for the veneer and the hand-cut pieces of American burr Walnut chiseled into the each panel. Even the centre console has been decorated in such manner.

In the “flesh”, the RR for London (the official name is London Edition) is imposing and striking. And very “London-ish”.


The lads at Overfinch are planning to build a one-off celebrative edition for New York as well, with the Manhattan skyline. May I be so bold as to ask, no chance for a Florence edition? No? Ok.

words & pictures → Alessandro Renesis

Instagram → Ale Renesis

huge thanks to Andrew @Overfinch and to the everyone at Overfinch London

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