Flabbergasted Drive → LR Discovery: 1st Impression

The new Land Rover Discovery is basically a cruise ship. It is properly, truly, fantastically enormous. They call it “mid-size”, and technically that’s appropriate since it is slightly smaller than the “daddy”, the -classic- RR but still, for some reason, this felt a lot bulkier and taller than any other Range Rover I’ve driven.


Dream Land – Jaguar Land Rover invited me over to Toscana Fair to test drive it and what they’d done is pretty cool, because Toscana Fair is a plant nursery that’s been converted into a jungle for the occasion. The perfect setting for the new discovery (Above & Beyond, Remember?).


The new Discovery is available with a new 2L diesel with 180 or 240 HP, a 249 HP 3L diesel and a supercharged V6 petrol with 340 HP. Prices start at 52,700 € for the Italian market, £43,995 for the UK and $49,990 for the North American market.


I’ve driven the 2L 240 hp model and the 3L diesel and I’ve got something to say about it. In the mean time you can enjoy the photographs. Tried one from the front as well. It wouldn’t fit.

Toscana Fair / Vivaio Mati Pistoia, April 2017

with Dream Car Agliana

words and photo credit: Ale Renesis

jungle dream


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