Flabbergasted News → Renault @Milan Design Week

U*er it. Cab it. L*ft it. C*rb it. Si*ecar it. Ride share it. Ha*lo it. Call it what you want. It’s the business of carrying people around and when it comes to this business, please pardon the pun, Renault means business. What they’ve done at the Milan design week was genius.

Renault cars were available for booking by visitors of the Milan design week to be chauffeured around in them or, get this, test drive them. Genius, like I said.

Over 1000 “courtesy car” rides, 864 hours and over 3100 miles (5000 km) on the road.

Fully booked and fully enjoyed with over 27.000 visits to the SUITE MEGANE Grand Coupé, the original car-suite-car-room-thing at the nhow Hotel Milano, with two special guests: Italian rugby world class player George Biagi and realtor superstar and TV host Paola Marella.

Well done, Renault.


Milan, April 2017

words: Ale Renesis

photo credit & source: Renault Italia


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