Reviewed: AMG GT C – Hammer Time


The old SLS AMG was bonkers. No other way of putting it. It had a 6,2 L naturally aspirated V8 with 571 HP and it weighed, when all is said and done, about a million tons. But that’s not it.

Officially, the 0-60 time for the standard model was about 3,7 seconds but you would never do 0-60, because you’d be facing the way you were coming from after the first 20 yards. Then we had a top speed of around 200 mph, which you couldn’t achieve, because after the first 20 yards your bonnet (hood) would be where you boot (trunk) was and vice versa. It wasn’t that good in the corners either. It may have been the power or the monstrous torque (650 Nm for the basic model), or it could’ve been the bonnet the size of Mozambique or, who knows, maybe the doors or either one of these things. Whichever way you cut it, this car had an extremely dangerous tendency of going sideways. And then you’d be facing the way you came. Again.

It wasn’t the best car the in the world, not by far, but boy oh boy was it fun. I remember emerging from a brief road test with a huge smile on my face and for many years, until I drove the LFA in 2014, the SLS was by far my favourite car… ever. Many people criticized the doors because they made you look like a showoff, which they did, but who gives a rat’s a…nkle? It’s part of the deal. Then, things changed.

Mercedes did something very odd a few years ago because with the SLS gone, they introduced the world with the AMG GT. Which was slower, less powerful and less expensive that the old SLS. That’s unheard of. The AMG didn’t officially replace the SLS but it did occupy exactly the same market slot. I’ve been wanting to drive one for a while and now that I have, thanks to GMG SPA Firenze, I can and will tell you that this, the AMG GT roadster C that I’ve driven is a thousand times better than the SLS.

The AMG GT C roadster you see in the picture starts at around 174k € (still cheaper than the most basic SLS, Ed.) and for that you get a 4 L biturbo V8 with 557 HP, enough to reach 60 mph in 3,7 seconds. And the car will get to 60, and it will keep on going to 196 mph (316 kph). The AMG GT C comes with rear-wheel steering and a limited-slip differential from the racy GT R coupe and these things make it a lot more drivable and enjoyable than the old SLS. This car is quick, and even though it ain’t exactly slim, it weighs over 1,6 tons and it’s 4,55 m long, it’s incredibly easy to handle even if you have the driving abilities of a baboon. And I can tell you that because I do actually possess the driving abilities of a baboon. The SLS was clearly trying to kill you, the AMG GT C is trying to teach how you to drive. It’s academic. It’s incredible.

So yes it is less powerful, less excessive and surprisingly even less expensive (although this varies a lot based on spec and features) than the old SLS but it’s so much quicker, and better to drive. when it comes to supercars, Mercedes Benz go heavyweight. the SLS was a baseball bat, this, the AMG GT-C that I’ve driven, is a hammer.


San Piero a Sieve, Firenze (Italy), May 2017

text & photo credit: Ale Renesis

huge thanks to GMG SPA Firenze


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