Flabbergasted Events → Parco Valentino 2017: Green Lantern and Giovanni.

I don’t need to write this. I’m probably wasting time and words. One word, two words, three words wasted. One second, two seconds, three seconds wasted. It’s tricky. It’s a tricky, shifty, slimy situation. Let’s begin with what I say to you, you don’t need to know because you know already. Whatever else I may … More Flabbergasted Events → Parco Valentino 2017: Green Lantern and Giovanni.

Flabbergasted News → Range Rover Velar

Ho avuto il piacere di partecipare alla presentazione Italiana della Range Rover Velar grazie all’invito di AUTO ITALIA (Livorno) e DREAM LAND (Agliana, Pistoia). Here’s what happened. IT: La Range Rover Velar è disponibile con tre propulsori diesel, da due litri e tre litri, con potenze rispettivamente di 180, 240 e 300 cavalli; e due … More Flabbergasted News → Range Rover Velar

Flabbergasted News → Renault @Milan Design Week

U*er it. Cab it. L*ft it. C*rb it. Si*ecar it. Ride share it. Ha*lo it. Call it what you want. It’s the business of carrying people around and when it comes to this business, please pardon the pun, Renault means business. What they’ve done at the Milan design week was genius. Renault cars were available … More Flabbergasted News → Renault @Milan Design Week

Flabbergasted Events → C & C Brescia

By now you’ve probably heard of Cars & Coffee, if you haven’t, well, summing it all up is a pretty straightforward job. It’s about supercars. 300+ supercars, unique one-offs and some amazing classic metal (including the wonderful Alfa Romeo SZ Zagato) reached the rather spectacular Parco Giardino Sigurtà. The vibe is electric, though that’s probably … More Flabbergasted Events → C & C Brescia

Flabbergasted Events → Chantilly Arts & Elegance 2016

You can’t beat France. And you can take it from me ’cause I’m Italian. There’s no other country in the world we desperately and fiercely adore, worship, hate, despise, admire, copycat in the same way we do France. The French are everything we dare not be, everything we try not to be, and everything we … More Flabbergasted Events → Chantilly Arts & Elegance 2016