_Divo (Pebble Beach)

Here it is. The one we’ve all been waiting on. 1,479bhp, $5,8M (already sold out), 236 mph. 0-60 in 2,4 seconds It is actually “slower” than the Chiron (the top speed is electronically limited) but quicker on the track. Stiffer, harder, better, and more exclusive. The name, Divo, (which is also Italian for idol, star), … More _Divo (Pebble Beach)

Flabbergasted_Vision Mercedes-Maybach @Auto China 2018

In Beijing, China, Mercedes-Benz introduced their latest creation with Maybach. It’s called Vision Ultimate Luxury and it is a fabulous piece of design, especially inside the cabin. The Vision is powered by 750 hp electric powertrain, with a range of 500 km. The top speed is electronically limited to 250 km/h. you can read all … More Flabbergasted_Vision Mercedes-Maybach @Auto China 2018

Flabbergasted News → VW ID Buzz, Klaus Says Nothing

He sits there. Perched in his own space. In his own area. He overlooks everything. He sees anything that passes by and everyone around him but he says nothing. He never says anything. He’s good at saying nothing. He could probably go the rest of his life without saying a word if he had to. … More Flabbergasted News → VW ID Buzz, Klaus Says Nothing