2016 Top Marques. #prologue. the Jag F Type vs 911 Carrera S Drag Race (Epic Fail)

There is one fixed point in my year. Actually, no. There are many fixed points in my year; birthdays, celebrations, deadlines. What I mean is there’s a fixed point, a weekend every year, where I shut the windows and lock the door behind me and whatever the weather I go to Monte Carlo, Monaco. I’ve done … More 2016 Top Marques. #prologue. the Jag F Type vs 911 Carrera S Drag Race (Epic Fail)

Paris, Paree, Parigi

The first, admittedly questionable, truism is that it isn’t 100 % clear how Paris got its status of celebrity. It doesn’t deserve notoriety either. It’s like one of those weird-looking top models with an awkward nose, sallow face and grey eyes that get more work than their better looking peers. Paris has had one of … More Paris, Paree, Parigi


I’m in Munich, Monaco, München. Bavaria, Bayern, Baviera. And it is disperse, deserted and quiet. Which is odd because today is the day of the start of the Oktoberfest, which starts in September. The streets around the centre are cobbled, pebbled and full of dead and brown and crisp leaves. Traffic is fluid outbound, nearly absent … More Munich.