Flabbergasted_Vision Mercedes-Maybach @Auto China 2018

In Beijing, China, Mercedes-Benz introduced their latest creation with Maybach. It’s called Vision Ultimate Luxury and it is a fabulous piece of design, especially inside the cabin. The Vision is powered by 750 hp electric powertrain, with a range of 500 km. The top speed is electronically limited to 250 km/h. you can read all … More Flabbergasted_Vision Mercedes-Maybach @Auto China 2018

Flabbergasted Drive → Cure to Boredom (Pajero 100th anniversary edition)

I’ve recently picked up a black off-roader, it’s a press car, I’m really fond of it and I’ll keep it for a few weeks. On paper, there are issues. For starters, it’s a diesel, which as we are repeatedly told it’s the work of the devil and whoever drives a diesel these days, we’re told, … More Flabbergasted Drive → Cure to Boredom (Pajero 100th anniversary edition)

Flabbergasted Drive → Mercedes-Benz CLS (3° gen)

Oltre che connesso, dinamico, globale e altri centomila termini di marketing e non che potremmo utilizzare, il mondo è più che altro fluido. Tra rosso e blu si sono infilate variazioni che prima non c’erano o non venivano considerate. Nel mondo auto, ad esempio, parlare di segmenti e tipologia di auto in gamma ormai è … More Flabbergasted Drive → Mercedes-Benz CLS (3° gen)