Flabbergasted News → Range Rover Velar

Ho avuto il piacere di partecipare alla presentazione Italiana della Range Rover Velar grazie all’invito di AUTO ITALIA (Livorno) e DREAM LAND (Agliana, Pistoia). Here’s what happened. IT: La Range Rover Velar è disponibile con tre propulsori diesel, da due litri e tre litri, con potenze rispettivamente di 180, 240 e 300 cavalli; e due … More Flabbergasted News → Range Rover Velar

Flabbergasted Drive → LR Discovery: 1st Impression

The new Land Rover Discovery is basically a cruise ship. It is properly, truly, fantastically enormous. They call it “mid-size”, and technically that’s appropriate since it is slightly smaller than the “daddy”, the -classic- RR but still, for some reason, this felt a lot bulkier and taller than any other Range Rover I’ve driven. Dream … More Flabbergasted Drive → LR Discovery: 1st Impression

Flabbergasted Drive → Ice Driving with Nokian Tyres

It’s a tough job, this. Ok, no. It really isn’t, it’s great, but it is more complicated than you would think because, I’ve said this over and over again and I’ll never stop repeating myself, this is a writing job. Sometimes I spend days, weeks actually, agonizing over words and synonyms to use and their … More Flabbergasted Drive → Ice Driving with Nokian Tyres

Flabbergasted → Porsche Center Son (NO)

Norway is a place from outer space. This northern, electric, incredibly expensive Scandinavian country breeds images of peace and tranquility. When most people think of Norway the first frames in their mind will include salmon, snow, possibly vikings and, may I add? One slight contradiction. Norway is perceived to be one of the greenest countries on … More Flabbergasted → Porsche Center Son (NO)