This Tesla Model S has been to the moon and back

An old-ish, robust diesel is usually considered the best option if you wanna buy a car till the end of time but the truth of the matter, and we’ll see more of this in the future, electric cars are also great at that. On average cars, electric cars have fewer moving components and provided you keep up with maintenance and change the battery pack on time, electric cars can theoretically easily rack up 500,000 miles or more.

We don’t know yet, mostly because EVs haven’t been around that long, but we do know that the 2015 Tesla Model S you see here, a 70D model, comes in with 424,000 miles (682k) on the clock, 70,000 miles a year on average.

2015 Tesla Model S 70D with 424,000 miles

This Model S, a former Uber ride, still has its original drive unit, but the front motor was replaced around ‘40,000 miles ago’ (380,000) and the battery pack was replaced, under warranty, at 250,000 miles. Other things? The rear axle was replaced, along with the rear upper links, at around 375,000 miles while the AC compressor was replaced at 300,000 miles.

I love this. I personally drive a car with 180,000+ miles on the clock. I’m such an amateur. I can’t wait to get to 250,000 miles.

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