Flabbergasted → Porsche Center Son (NO)

Norway is a place from outer space. This northern, electric, incredibly expensive Scandinavian country breeds images of peace and tranquility. When most people think of Norway the first frames in their mind will include salmon, snow, possibly vikings and, may I add? One slight contradiction. Norway is perceived to be one of the greenest countries on … More Flabbergasted → Porsche Center Son (NO)

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We’re live. We’re there. We’re at it. 15.000 THANKYOUs the idea is simple, the GAME CHANGERS, for the cars that came, saw, and shook the automotive world. DRIVE TRIBE is live. A great community where car lovers can share, post and create automotive ideas. Pick your tribe, there are driving roads, classic cars, new cars, … More LeaveMeFlabbergasted.com for DRIVE TRIBE → GAME CHANGERS