Editor-in-Chief: 32 year old car journalist and translator Alessandro Renesis

I began writing rap music lyrics, believe it or not, at 15 and never stopped putting pen on paper ever since. I wrote my first car review (Lotus Elise) for the online forum of AlVolante car magazine in 2010 (which was selected as one of the best 12 car reviews of the year by the magazine itself), launched Road (& Cars), in the same year and leavemeflabbergasted.com in 2013. I have been writing on Drive Tribe since its inception, November 2016


  • Based in: Belgrade, Serbia
  • Spoken languages: English, Italian, German, Spanish

A selection of web and paper magazines I have written for:

  • Kerb Motori – Italian car magazine (paper, ongoing collaboration)
  • Top Gear Italia – Italian car magazine (paper, Ford Mustang and Lotus Elise review)
  • Turismoinauto.com – Italian car magazine (web, frequent collaboration)
  • Paper.li – News and media aggregator (BMW i8 Review)
  • TopTenz.net – World’s #1 Online list aggregator
  • Petrolicious – The most tasteful classic car site. Drive Tastefully®
  • Tom’s Hardware – Authority on Tech
  • Drivetribe and Foodtribe

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Leave Me Flabbergasted is an online service provider and magazine, mostly about cars.


Our services

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We can create websites and blogs for you. Provide you with quality photographs and videos, copyright free text and photographs and translations into 4 languages: English, Italian, Spanish and German. enquire → leavemeflabbergasted@gmail.com

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