The New 911_992

We all knew the highly anticipated 911 Carrera S (992) would be introduced at this year’s LA Auto Show (branded “Automobility LA” during the press days) which is why I had to come here to see for myself. And here it is: Porsche built the 992 so that it can, theoretically, accomodate an electric unit … More The New 911_992

Corvette America_

In their February 1979 issue, Road & Track staff published an article about this one-off 4-door Corvette and the author of the article, a Thos Bryant, began by asking the reader this question: “Blasphemy or brilliance?” Good question, even today. First of all, I said one-off but it wasn’t a one-off. California Custom Coach, that’s … More Corvette America_

_Divo (Pebble Beach)

Here it is. The one we’ve all been waiting on. 1,479bhp, $5,8M (already sold out), 236 mph. 0-60 in 2,4 seconds It is actually “slower” than the Chiron (the top speed is electronically limited) but quicker on the track. Stiffer, harder, better, and more exclusive. The name, Divo, (which is also Italian for idol, star), … More _Divo (Pebble Beach)