With hindsight, the Tesla Model S is still the best EV in the world

In factual terms, the Tesla Model S P100D is one of the fastest accelerating cars in the world. In Ludicrous+ mode (yes, that’s the actual name), it does 0-60 in 2.5 seconds and that’s Bugatti Veyron SS territory. I know, I know what people say. Porsche people are making it very clear these days that … More With hindsight, the Tesla Model S is still the best EV in the world

Reviewed: Model X 100D (IT)

‘’Dai gas, fammi sentire’’ – ‘’Non posso’’ – ‘’Dai’’ insiste ‘’Voglio sentire il rombo!’’ – ‘’Non posso, non c’è rombo. E’ elettrica’’ . Mi trovavo intorno a Piccadilly Circus compresso all’interno dell’abitacolo un po’ angusto di un’auto che nessuno conosceva e avevo altre priorità. Tipo non schiantarmi. Tipo attraversare il traffico londinese indenne, riportando l’auto … More Reviewed: Model X 100D (IT)

SIAM 2017 Monaco

In the unlikely event of your ever needing to know the average number of gear shifts for each lap, for each driver, during the Monaco GP is around 60. That’s more than 4,600 for the entire race. To any reasonable soul, this may sound like pointless trivia, it’s chit-chat, prattle, tittle-tattle. Cheap conversation you may … More SIAM 2017 Monaco

Tesla Model S P85

The girl at Tesla is nice, talkative and prepared but her introduction to the new Model S is rather fruitless. Unlike most test-drivers, soon-to-be buyers and fellow bloggers and car journalists, I couldn’t care less about the brochure and its contents. That’s for the scholars and pedantic mouths to feed, and I’m neither. I sit … More Tesla Model S P85