Will all future Mercedes models look like this?

Audi, BMW and Mercedes have been fighting one another to establish dominance in the market for ages, and it’s basically a cycle. At the moment, I’d take Audi over BMW and Merc any day of the week, but Mercedes is an innovator, by definition, and this is their response to Audi’s Skysphere. It’s called the Vision EQXX.

Maybe this is going to make me sound shallow but to be honest I’m not particularly interested in discussing the car’s technological features and stats. Not because they aren’t impressive, they are, but because they’re exactly what you think. This concept anticipates a new type of vehicle, designed to transport you, the passenger, from A to B, sooner or later without a driver because the car can drive itself. It is technologically impressive, as you’d expect. Full of screens, as you’d expect. And seamless and fast, as you’d expect. Nothing we haven’t seen before and/or nothing we weren’t expecting.

This is why I just wanna focus on one thing: the looks. I think this is a good-looking car, overall, but the side view reminds of the Porsche Taycan, and I’m not sure about the fastback-style rear end, even though I may change my mind about that tomorrow. Mind you, I love the cabin, I’ve always appreciated quirky, futuristic-looking interior and materials.

What do you think? Is this a good-looking car? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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