Lexus unveils the LC Convertible, a gorgeous open-top cruiser

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Eleven years ago, at the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show, Lexus introduced an instant classic, one of the most iconic cars ever made: the LFA. The LFA was just something else and I think the fact that it was unveiled by Lexus, of all brands, made it even more sensational because it was unexpected. If Lambo or Ferrari or Audi had told you they’d just built a V10 supercar, you’d have said “ah yeah whatever”. But this was a Lexus. And it was phenomenal. And it sounded amazing.


It was also a bit of a one-off. Never before had Lexus managed to build a car like that, and they haven’t been able to top or even match the LFA ever since. And not for lack of trying. The LC, for example, comes with the same basic proportions and the same basic shapes as the LFA. I don’t think the LFA can be touched. Lexus will never be able to build a better car, not in the foreseeable future anyway, so they’ve stopped trying, and decided to go ahead and do something else. They’ve built this: the LC convertible. It won’t leave its mark in automotive history. But it certainly looks great, doesn’t it?


Lexus calls it the “most beautiful convertible in the world”. Now, that’s a bit ambitious but it certainly isn’t ugly. They’ve started with an ingenious soft-top which looks like a hardtop, which means it doesn’t hurt the overall shape of the car.

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The roof compartment was moved further back to create a “fastback” feeling and the soft-top was flattened to get rid of the usual wrinkles and creases. They’ve provided pictures with three colour combos and they all look tremendous.

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The soft-top is available in Sand, Black and Marine and there’s also going to be a Special Edition version with Structural Blue paint for the body and white and blue interior with Marine soft-top. The interior is fantastic, too. It feels solid, luxurious and the colour combination is great. Subtle enough, and refined. And also rich enough to feel… adequate, in a car that costs a hundred grand.

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The LC is poweredy by a 5.0-litre V8 capable of 471 hp and 398-lb-ft, coupled with a 10-speed automatic. Rear-wheel drive only. Deliveries for the new Lexus LC are set to start this Summer, with prices starting at around $100,000 in the U.S.

This is a completely different breed. The LFA was a legend, and it was also a carbon fibre racer. This is a stainless steel leather cruiser.


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