Flabbergasted_Vision Mercedes-Maybach @Auto China 2018

In Beijing, China, Mercedes-Benz introduced their latest creation with Maybach. It’s called Vision Ultimate Luxury and it is a fabulous piece of design, especially inside the cabin. The Vision is powered by 750 hp electric powertrain, with a range of 500 km. The top speed is electronically limited to 250 km/h. you can read all … More Flabbergasted_Vision Mercedes-Maybach @Auto China 2018


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We’re live. We’re there. We’re at it. 15.000 THANKYOUs the idea is simple, the GAME CHANGERS, for the cars that came, saw, and shook the automotive world. DRIVE TRIBE is live. A great community where car lovers can share, post and create automotive ideas. Pick your tribe, there are driving roads, classic cars, new cars, … More LeaveMeFlabbergasted.com for DRIVE TRIBE → GAME CHANGERS