Flabbergasted: Passion

For reasons that I can’t quite fathom “blog” sounds a lot worse than “website”, somehow.

So this isn’t a blog, it’s a website. Although it’s actually a blog.

The thing here is simple, the EU is in a bad way. Greece, Spain, Portugal and possibly Italy have all had it. And soon we’ll all follow suit. Experts are saying the financial crisis we’re facing is not like the one in the early 90’s. We’re not even talking ’29 here, we’re talking about a financial breakdown.

Over the last few years I’ve been working hard and full time, I’ve been around the world and I’ve invested nearly everything I’ve gained on the only asset that really appreciates with value: passion.

Cars, journeys, wristwatches, sea, big city lights and lots and lots of beer.

I’m not quire sure whether we’ll make it through December 21st, or the financial collapse but I do know one thing.

If I were to go broke from one day to the next, I’d make sure I’ll have a good memory of the sun setting on the sea while I’m driving a mid engined Italian supercar with a TH Monaco on my wrist.

And a smile.

Be passionate!

You’ll soon get acquainted with the team, for now meet me.


The Editor

Alessandro Saetta Vinci


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