Goodreads: Florence, a John Doe and a Runway Starlet.

PSPB (Formerly known as - Universe Booking)

Wherever I go I usually prefer apartments. Where hotels are impersonal, somewhat cold and condescending, an apartment is warmer and evokes familiarity. I love walking in a city I don’t know, with no camera, no rucksack, and just a bag of groceries in one hand and the keys to a pad in the other. Of course, being abroad and essentially on holiday, I usually end up in apartments that are better than my home.

It’s the same with cars. My job is write about cars and this means that I occasionally drive expensive supercars that exceed 300 kph in speed and $ 150.000 and I love it. But there’s no doubt in my mind that I will never be able to afford a Ferrari. There’s a giant gap and yet a fine line between savouring these amazing cars and actually owning one. Still, that’s never kept me from enjoying it. Why would…

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