#geneva2016, the Huayra

The Huayra. Say it again, Huayra.

Naming a car is difficult. It’s a bit like selecting a title for a song or a book. The form precedes the function. The Huayra is a hypercar and so its name should conjure up images of strenght and power, prowess even, before you’ve even actually seen it.

An unwritten rule of thumb for success dictates that you should “find your style and stick with it.” And so, with the Huayra, Pagani have done just that naming their second child (the Zonda was named after an Andean strong wind) after an Andean God of the Wind, Wayra-Tata or Huayra-Tata.

I first laid eyes on it at the 2013 Geneva motor show and I was flabbergasted. It is truly spectacular, striking. It takes your gaze and forces it onto it: if you see the Huayra, you can’t take your eyes off of it. You just got to keep looking.




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