2016 Top Marques. #prologue. the Jag F Type vs 911 Carrera S Drag Race (Epic Fail)


There is one fixed point in my year. Actually, no. There are many fixed points in my year; birthdays, celebrations, deadlines. What I mean is there’s a fixed point, a weekend every year, where I shut the windows and lock the door behind me and whatever the weather I go to Monte Carlo, Monaco. I’ve done that very often, going to Monaco I mean, over the past 7 years. Holidaying, driving, test-driving. I once went for a bet. Another time, I left home at 4 PM (I live in Florence) because the girl that was with me wanted an ice-cream, and I figured driving 400 km to get one was the wise thing to do.

I’ve said before that Monaco is a puddle of money. I once wrote for an American magazine that Monaco is “what happens when money is left on its own, with no other purpose other than its own accumulation”. And I’ll stand by that. But it’s the best place in the world, hands-down, bar-none, by-a-country-mile, if you’re a petrol-head.

Or gear-had. Or car-nut. Or what-have-you.

I’ve just come back from this year Top Marques and nothing, nothing I say, has gone as I had planned. Because it went even better. I’m still arranging the saga of all the videos I’ve made, the pictures I’ve taken and the words I have in my head into something you’ll vaguely wanna read or see or watch. There’s the Jaguar CX75, there’s the absurdly pretty Ukrainian girl who showed me how a £60k bracelet works (yeah, you read that right). Then there’s the rest of the show, the Mazzanti Evantra, the Icona Vulcano and then there’s the drag race with a Jaguar F-Type and a 911 Carrera S. We organized a drag race, when I say organize what I mean is we randomly found ourselves in the hills above Monaco with a Jag and a Porsche, and we made it happen. Sort of.

Let’s begin with that. Enjoy the video. Spoiler alert, a dog is barking in the background and it’s all very funny and clumsy.


thanks to Sara Näse, Federico Bajetti and Jacopo Villa and Andrea Mazzuca

words & pics: Alessandro Renesis

copyrighted material© – please don’t steal it

twitter: @PrinceAle

instagram: @A_Lookingbackthewaywehadcome

facebook: /leavemeflabbergasted17

photos and videos taken on location in Monte Carlo, Principality of Monaco – April 2016


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