Meet the 1984 Chevy Corvette Bertone “Lizard”*

*Ok, it’s not actually called the Lizard. Well, it is. Just not the English word for it. Bear with me. Introduced in Los Angeles in 84, this odd-looking thing is called the Bertone Ramarro which is the second weird thing about it after its looks because Ramarro is Italian for “Green Lizard”.

We’ve been hearing so much talk about “green” cars recently that I thought I’d talk about a car that’s properly green and here it is, as green as they come.

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It is built by the legendary designer and coachbuilder Bertone, and it’s based on a 1984 Chevy Corvette C4. While no significant alterations were made for the chassis and the powertrain, Bertone altered its looks and proportions considerably. Bertone kept the wheelbase intact but shortened both front and rear overhangs to make it look more compact and while the Ramarro was more or less the same height as the C4 it derived from, it was wider and more slender. The door mechanism was changed as well and Bertone gave its creature sliding doors. Inside we find green and some more green. Leather and velour were used, in green, except for the carpets and bits of the dashboard which are grey-ish.

This Ramarro, which was on display at this year’s Parco Valentino, is part of the ASI Collection. ASI (Automotoclub Storico Italiano) is the Italian equivalent of the HVA (Historic Vehicle Association) in America.

The photograph used in the header as well as the picture of the interior are my own, taken at this year’s Parco Valentino car show in Turin. The other two images are courtesy of ASI and Bertone.

This content was created and shared for my column on Drivetribe


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