The irony: Porsche is paying VW to buy itself out of a joint project

This is funny: Porsche will give VW €100 mln and Volkswagen will use that money to buy itself out of a joint project called Artemis, which is essentially an EV platform that the two companies (who essentially live under the same umbrella) developed together.

This is because Porsche wants to run its own show, and it is currently developing a new platform (codenamed K1), which will be loosely based on the PPE (Premium Platform Electric) that the Taycan uses.

I feel like this could’ve been avoided. I mean, Porsche execs had to know that this was a possibility. So my guess is that they either hesitated too long or Volkswagen sometimes strong-armed Porsche into this. Either way, €100 mln is a pretty penny. They could’ve used that money to remove *stuff* from Porsche models and sell them to customers at a premium, which is what they usually do.

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