Flabbergasted Drive → Renault Talisman: Renault F1 and Monaco.

Hello and give a warm welcome back to Renault. You see, while everyone was busy, righteously so, talking about Mercedes, the under-performing Ferrari cars, Verstappen and Alonso with McLaren; Renault, unnoticed and discreetly, made their comeback to F1. Which is good news. Founded in 1899 in France and based in Boulogne-Billancourt, Renault can boast of … More Flabbergasted Drive → Renault Talisman: Renault F1 and Monaco.

Paris, Paree, Parigi

The first, admittedly questionable, truism is that it isn’t 100 % clear how Paris got its status of celebrity. It doesn’t deserve notoriety either. It’s like one of those weird-looking top models with an awkward nose, sallow face and grey eyes that get more work than their better looking peers. Paris has had one of … More Paris, Paree, Parigi

Merry Christmas, Fellas!

Merry Christmas, dudes and girls! We’ll see you in 2015. Next year we have hot stuff in store for you, including Monaco, Paris, the Bahamas and possibly Tokyo. We’ll do some driving on the side as well. Subscribe! The Staff, leavemeflabbergasted.com