Tales of Coffee

Tales of Coffee with UB – Universebooking.com

PSPB (Formerly known as - Universe Booking)

Coffee. Coffee is a mover. Coffee is the kick-off, the kick ass, kick-starter of the world. Coffee is good for you. Coffee is believed to have been invented in Yemen, around 700 years ago, and it is pound for pound, both currency and weight, the single most valuable invention in the history of the world. The worst place in the world for a coffee today, I believe, is England. To begin with, the pound sterling is the best currency in the world. It is the strongest and the most valuable. You have £1 in your pocket? That immediately becomes more wherever you go. 1,40 €, $ 1,49. And don’t get me started on Japanese yen or Nok or Sek because I simply wouldn’t have the space here. This is all very good if you’re English, it isn’t if you’re not. This, translated and condensed, means that your currency is worth…

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