Fixed-Gear Rider: Stop Being Such a Moronic Urban Trade-Unionist. And Start Riding

Fixies and riders! If you were there, beware

PSPB (Formerly known as - Universe Booking)

It began, again, with the fuel crisis. It rose and shot up through the roof. Then there’s the eco-movement. I’m as green as the next man but I’m also sensible. So, waste is one thing, stupidity is another. I’m all for no litter, no waste, eat better, save energy but I don’t subscribe to the party of these new -ists and their extremism, eco-nuts who’d rather you didn’t breathe at all because you’re wasting oxygen.

My math teacher used to say “Math is simple, 1+1 = 2”, and so 1. fuel crisis, 2. eco mind and we did it. We went green. We went urban. We started using fixed gear bikes again. Have you ever seen the movie Premium Rush? It’s a cult classic. “Fixed gear, steel frame, no brakes. The bike can’t coast, the pedals never stop turning. Can’t stop, don’t want to either”. Word up. Problem is, most…

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