6k Miles and 11 Countries in 12 Days

PSPB (Formerly known as - Universe Booking)

Rohuneeme, northern Estonia

László was born in Tallinn to a Russian mother and a Hungarian father. He’s 5”7′ and he’s wearing a bartender uniform, it might as well be a doorkeeper uniform, I couldn’t tell the difference because I’m blind drunk. He’s shaped and muscular. Tough and cold, Siberian. A few minutes ago, we had been walking into an alley and apparently, we shouldn’t have done that. László shouted, “No! You can’t go there!” Whatever you say. He looks as hard as nails. He invited us up in his restaurant, which is empty because it’s nearly 1 in the morning, and within four minutes of conversation, I ask that question. it’s been revolving around my mind. I gather the courage (those shots of Vana Tallinn may or may not have helped), I’ve got the guts, haven’t I? Off I go. “Are you a former military police officer or something?” I’m waiting for the…

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