2016 Top Marques #episode3 – Jaguar CX75 (as seen in 007 – Spectre)

Miles Hulford is in charge of the Special Operations & Vehicles Unit at Jaguar-Land Rover, which in plain English means he’s the guy that gives Daniel Craig-James Bond his mega-wheeled Pick-Up Truck and puts Dave Bautista-Mr. Hinx behind the wheel of the Jaguar CX-75 in 007 – Spectre.
Which is pretty cool.

The press went crazy when the CX75 was announced, and everybody was quite sad when Jaguar said they were not going to put into production. So was I.

But I got a chance to see it live and have a brief chat about it with Mr Miles (cool name btw), whom I met at the Top Marques in Monte Carlo a few days ago.



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