2016 Top Marques #episode4 – Icona Vulcano – The Titanium Dream

The things that won’t surprise you about the Vulcano are there to bread in the brochure. Direct injection, 6,2L V8, carbon ceramic brakes, you know it’s got 870 HP and you know 0-200 is dealt with in less than 10 seconds, and if you keep on going you won’t stop until you reach 349 km/h.

That’s good. What makes this hypercar unique, other than its astonishingly striking Italian styling, is the fact that it’s the world’s first titanium supercar.

Titanium is a wonderful material, stronger and yet a lot lighter than steel. is nearly 50% lighter, twice as strong as aluminum.


Icona Vulcano. Supercar realizzata interamente in Titanio #rimanonvoluta #topmarques #monaco #icona #vulcano #carporn

Una foto pubblicata da AleSae (@a_lookingbackthewaywehadcome) in data: 15 Apr 2016 alle ore 04:14 PDT



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