2016 Top Marques – As It Happened

As it happened, I had a plan.

The idea was to set foot on solid ground in Monte Carlo after a couple of train rides. Then, as you do, I’d made plans to meet a guy at the Fairmont hotel, he supposedly should’ve brought an Aston Martin for me to drive to the party. A Cygnet, actually, but there you have it, still an Aston. After the long and undoubtedly thrilling ride with the pumped-up glorified Toyota IQ, sorry I mean Aston, the idea was to attend the show itself, and work my P.R. skills. Talk to owners, sellers, marketing élite, and see what’s what. Then, after a very long, tiring and productive day, I was supposed to check in my hotel from which, the following day, another guy with an orange Porsche 911 should’ve picked me up to drive me to Nice.  Well, as it happened, absolutely nothing, not a single element of my detailed plan, went as expected. None. Niet. Nein. Nada. Nisba.

It went better.

I’ve never been in a position to write an autobiography, and I doubt I’ll ever be, but if I were to write it one day, the title would be “Plans are useless”. This is my mantra. My credo. There’s an old saying the U.S. Military like to repeat over and over, “plans go awry when the first shot is fired”. There’s no point fretting about it.

On August 14 last year I still had no idea where, if at all, I would go on holiday. Two days later I was flying across the Atlantic, watching episodes of Family Guy to pass the time on my way to Los Angeles. And as the train entered France I had no idea that a few hours later I’d be driving a yellow Porsche 911 (short review to come) kindly provided by the world’s hottest blogger.

Make no plans, they’re useless. Talk to anyone you deem successful, talk to the people you look up to. I bet they’re all gonna tell you they have a vague basic outline but they got where they are by improvising every step of the way.

One thing actually did go according to plans, I did talk to some interesting people, including Irina, who introduced me to the weird, interesting and very expensive senturion key, which is also the last episode of this short Top Marques series. Enjoy it.

Next up Yellow 911


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