News → Up the Ante. LaFerrari Spider & AMRB001

Distracted by the F1 fracas, Hamilton vs Rosberg vs Hamilton; and the (soccer/football) European Tournament in France, the news in the automotive world nearly slipped unnoticed. You weren’t paying attention, were you? It’s alright. Nobody was. The shows, like Paris and Geneva, are over and won’t be back for a few months, and so are the supercars gatherings in Italy and the Gumball.

So when the news came, “Ferrari has a new Ferrari out, it’s called the Ferrari LaFerrari Spider” you thought, “oh. ok. alright.” Then, even more worryingly, you said, “ah yes, ok.” when Aston Martin announced it would collaborate with Red Bull Racing for the AMRB001 (yes, the name means exactly what you think it means). A few seconds before they actually showed the car, that is.


Then you thought again. Read the news again. And yelled, “YOU SAY WHAT?!”

YES. You read that correctly. The V12, 963 HP (+120 kw from the electric engine) 1-million £ Ferrari hypercar is now a convertible. So you can cruise with ease in Monte Carlo while your head is blown away by the wind.

I see that now. I see your attention span has widened. Eyes wide open. Mouth open. Disbelief. Hold on, before we all go back to our usual daily business, please take your time to consider that Aston Martin has presented its first truly astonishing and unique hypercar since, maybe, the One-77. It’s called the Aston Martin Red Bull 001 (or at least that’s what I assume the name AM-RB means); only 150 will be made and it is, in technical terms, bonkers.

It’s ok. We all can go back to sleep now. Nothing to see here.


words: Ale Renesis

pics: Getty

twitter: @PrinceAle

instagram: A_lookingbackthewaywehadcome


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