Why the Dallara Stradale is the perfect wedding car

You may have heard about the Salone Auto Torino at Parco Valentino held in June in Turin, Italy. I’ve talked about it on several occasions and shared some pictures over the years. I go every year, because I love it. Everyone does in Italy because A. anyone can visit for free as it is set in a public park in Turin and B. some crazy cars show up every year.

Well, long and the short of it, Andrea Levy, the chairman of the committee behind the Salone Auto Torino at Parco Valentino, recently launched a new supercar club, called the 777 Club, which is also a new car hire service. Ok, bear with me on this because this is different. This ain’t your usual supercar club thing.

Jannarelly Design-1 / 6-cylinder 3,5L with 315 PS / 0-60 in 4 seconds


Let’s be honest, there are thousands of companies/services that do this but the line up here is outrageous. You’ve got your Ferrari Portofino and your Ferrari 488 Spider (duh). You’ve got your Porsche 911 GT3 RS (well, ok). You can have an Aston Martin DB11. Ok. Here’s the good stuff: you can also have a Dallara Stradale (header), a VW Käfer, a Jannarelly Design-1 and a one off, and I do mean it as they only built one, Fiat 124 “Mole” Spider dedicated to the city of Turin.

Back to the cars. This is staggering. I mean, a lot of people show up to their own wedding with a fancy car or an exotic sportscar but this is a Dallara Stradale. A 400PS barchetta with no doors and no windshield and a top speed of 280 kph (174 mph). The Stradale has a 2,3L 4-cylinder turbo engine which will make it rocket to 60 from standstill in 3,25 seconds. Only 600 will be made and it weighs 855 kilograms. All of this, translated into simple English, means that this car is a space rocket and rare.


Oh, and it’s yellow. Talk about making an entrance.


words & ph credit: Ale Renesis

This article was previously published on my tribe on Drive Tribe


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