The new Bentley Bentayga Speed is lit

Bentley decided to revive their Speed name to present the world’s fastest SUV. It’s the Bentayga, obviously, and it has a top speed of 190 mph (306 kph) and it does 0-60 in 3,9 seconds.

It has an improved version of Bentley’s own 6-litre W12 with 626 HP and 900 torques, coupled with an 8-speed gearbox. To help you put all that power down, the Bentayga Speed has a clever AWD traction with a electronic diff lock and eight different settings from its Drive Dynamics system and of course, the car is available with huge carbo-ceramic disk brake.

They’ve also released a video and it’s an amazing

I have written a similar, longer version of this article for my tribe on Drive Tribe


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