Flabbergasted News → Range Rover Velar

Ho avuto il piacere di partecipare alla presentazione Italiana della Range Rover Velar grazie all’invito di AUTO ITALIA (Livorno) e DREAM LAND (Agliana, Pistoia). Here’s what happened. IT: La Range Rover Velar è disponibile con tre propulsori diesel, da due litri e tre litri, con potenze rispettivamente di 180, 240 e 300 cavalli; e due … More Flabbergasted News → Range Rover Velar

Flabbergasted Drive → LR Discovery: 1st Impression

The new Land Rover Discovery is basically a cruise ship. It is properly, truly, fantastically enormous. They call it “mid-size”, and technically that’s appropriate since it is slightly smaller than the “daddy”, the -classic- RR but still, for some reason, this felt a lot bulkier and taller than any other Range Rover I’ve driven. Dream … More Flabbergasted Drive → LR Discovery: 1st Impression

Flabbergasted News → Audi Q5 M.Y. 2017

There are two sides to any story. On the one hand, I’m not a big fan of crossover SUVs in general because compromise seldom works. When you buy a crossover you’re essentially buying an overpriced and overweight hatchback, not a lightweight SUV. On the other hand, however, there’s no escaping the fact that crossover vehicles work, … More Flabbergasted News → Audi Q5 M.Y. 2017