Recent trademark applications suggest Cadillac may build ‘Lumistiq’, ‘Symboliq’ and ‘Vistiq‘ after the Liriq

Cadillac will almost certainly build an all-electric Escalade, it’s just a matter of time, but there’s also a strong chance they’ll build two brand-new vehicles, called ‘Vistiq’ and ‘Lumistiq’.

Like other brands, Cadillac has decided to characterise certain vehicles – i.e. electric cars – with a specific naming scheme, hence the ‘Q’.

The American automaker recently requested exclusive naming rights to the Vistiq, Lumistiq, Escalade IQL and Symboliq.

The electric Escalade will be called IQ while the long-wheelbase version will be called IQL. There’s still time, though. Cadillac will launch it – best-case scenario – in 2025.

At the moment, speculation and rumours is all we’re getting but all four vehicles will be built on the Ultium platform, which GM uses for a variety of PHEVs and EVs, so when all is said and done, there’s a strong chance the Lumistiq, Symboliq and Vistiq are simply smaller or larger versions of the Liriq. Which is no bad thing, by the way, because the Liriq is a good-looking car.

To be frank, I also heard rumours about a potential ‘Celestiq’ model. But I guess at this pointiq, anythinq goes.

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