Trouble in paradise for Lucid

Lucid Motors went public with a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC), not an Initial Public Offering (IPO), this is an important difference. In short, the IPO is a traditional tool companies use to be listed in the stock exchange, and it has stringent requirements. On the other hand, the SPAC is a more modern tool, it allows company XY (private) to merge with company XZ (public) as a shortcut to the stock exchange.

The U.S. Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) doesn’t like SPACs, mainly because there are fewer checks, which means that a significant number of SPACs end up being investigated. This is what’s happening to Lucid Motors, the California-based EV company that launched the Lucid Air.The SEC is requesting documents related to “an investigation into its blank-check deal“… with a subpoena. Which means Lucid will have to present said documents in court.

Lucid went public in July 2021, with a $24bln valuation even though, this is a common thread, they hadn’t actually delivered any vehicles back then. Lucid share price ($LCID) was down %14 yesterday.

This is probably more fuel for the fire that people who don’t like EVs are trying to ignite. And I can see why. Lucid, just like Nikola, Mullen and plenty more, is yet another start-up that went public and increased in value overnight before actually delivering a single vehicle. I wouldn’t include Rivian in this conversation, though, mostly because of the binding Amazon deal, and the enormous amount of money they received in funding. Again, mostly because of Amazon.

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