Just when you thought you wouldn’t get your monthly dose of “Italian supercars no one’s ever heard of”

This is the Anomalya, the latest supercar from Italy. I know I said it doesn’t have a name but it does, what I meant was this is yet another supercar made in Italy by a company no one’s ever heard of.

It’s made in a small town near Lucca, Tuscany and it’s basically the result of years of hard work in a mom-and-dad style shop. And it shows. The press release contains no useful bits of information except for the weight (1,080 kg), the 0-60 time (4.4 seconds) and the top speed (270 kph, 167 mph). However, what it lacks in details, it makes up for in typos.

This is quite interesting. They even shared a picture of the family posing with the car, which is weird for official press release but whatever.

Since we don’t much about it, let’s focus on thing: the way it looks. What do we think? If nothing else, I think it looks great. I like the fact that it’s painted green.

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