F1 cars are getting fatter

Road cars have been gaining weight, consistently, for nearly 20 years and the same applies to F1 cars. And I wouldn’t call it a ‘slight’ increase either.

Formula 1 cars were able to stay on point, maintaining a relatively stable (and low) weight between 1995 and the end of the 2000s but between 2008 and 2010, the cars gained an extra 25 kg.

The weight gain continued, roughly +20 kg every year, and then in 2014 the weight went up from 642 kg to 690 kg, mostly due to the introduction of the hybrid V6 unit. By 2017, the weight had already gone up way past the 700 kg psychological barrier (728) and four years later, that’s last year, F1 cars tipped the scales at 752 kg.

Next year, with the new regulations, they’ll weight 790 kg.That’s a bit too much. And more to the point, it’s just a matter of time before the weight goes up again, past 800 and then 900 kg. Damn, these F1 cars should stop eating carbs.

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