Haven’t you always wanted a watch made from Michelin tyres?

This is the Michelin x Bamford London B347 Pilot Sport and as you can imagine, the rubber strap is made from recycled – or ‘upcycled’, that’s the term these days – Michelin tyres.

It is adorned with yellow accents and, of course, a reproduction of the tyre’s tread pattern.

Speaking of patterns, watch brands have been doing this a lot in recent times because there’s definitely a growing appetite for watch straps, or cases, made from recycled material, ideally plastic.

The 41.5 mm forged carbon case houses a Sellita SW510 automatic movement and a monopusher chronograph and it is sold with an amazing presentation box with ‘Bibendum’, AKA Michelin Man.

I’d buy it just for that. If I had £2,500 to spend on this watch, because that’s the price tag. What do we think, fair?

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