Is Cadillac finally getting its mojo back? Meet the CelestiQ

Cadillac is a show-off, show-off-y brand. It’s a status symbol. It’s ‘Americana’.

But in recent years, the American automaker has struggled tremendously to keep up with the expectations that came with the name ‘Cadillac’, building a sequence of underwhelming vehicles and essentially surviving only because they kept making washed-up versions of the Escalade.

Now, though, it seems the company has finally found a way to get back to its former glory with the Celestiq. They haven’t said much in terms of performance figures but it doesn’t matter. It never did with Cadillac. It was all about the ‘swag’. And the Celestiq has got plenty of it.

Cadillac says the concept we see here is very close to the production model we’ll be able to buy and it features a retro-futuristic cabin with a 55-inch LED display that divides the front seats from the back seats. That’s what I want in a Cadillac.

In terms of performance and power, we do know that it will use GM’s Ultium battery technology as well as GM’s hands-free driving system called ‘Super Cruise. We can safely expect a decent range and decent performance.

The only thing that’s not decent is the price tag: the Celestiq will set you back $300,000 or more.

Insistent rumours suggest that Cadillac is actually deliberating trying to make this the brand’s most expensive car ever.

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