Flabbergasted News → VW ID Buzz, Klaus Says Nothing

He sits there. Perched in his own space. In his own area. He overlooks everything. He sees anything that passes by and everyone around him but he says nothing. He never says anything. He’s good at saying nothing. He could probably go the rest of his life without saying a word if he had to. … More Flabbergasted News → VW ID Buzz, Klaus Says Nothing

Reviewed: Renault Talisman Sporteur (IT)

  Sono appena tornato da Parigi. Stavolta per ragioni interamente personali. Nulla di cui mi voglia vantare, sia chiaro, volo low cost da 50 €, va la’. Nonostante si trattasse, come detto, di ragioni personali c’è stato un “catch”, una precisazione. C’è appunto da fare qua. E’ che la gente normale va a Parigi e … More Reviewed: Renault Talisman Sporteur (IT)

BMW Vision Next 100

It’s called the Vision Next 100 and it is, just like its name, visionary and a bit weird. BMW celebrated their 100th birthday with a proper stunner, the Next 100 is incredible. Every bit as innovative as it is bonkers. quite catchy, innit?