Hyundai wants to take us to Mars through the Metaverse

I think it’s always important to detach your emotions from reality when it comes to new technology. We can add them later, criticise, appreciate, love, hate. But we should never think “I don’t like this, therefore it shouldn’t exist”. It’s a natural reaction, but not the healthy one. Mainly because our opinions don’t change facts.

At this year’s CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, Hyundai has shared its ‘vision’ when it comes to robotics and the metaverse, applied to motoring. The theme was: ‘Expanding Human Reach’.

As you can imagine, the party piece was a modular platform – actually, two modular platforms – designed to be powered by AI to transport you from A to B. They say they want to “fulfill unlimited freedom of movement for humankind” and because they deeply believe in the use of robotics, they’ve recently acquired a company that specialises in exactly this technology, called Boston Dynamics.

Hyundai’s President Chang Song and Boston Dynamics’ President Marc Raibert have also talked about ‘Metabolity’, Metaverse+mobility, which is essentially a supersized, glorified combination of virtual reality and augmented reality. I know a lot of people don’t like to hear the word ‘metaverse’ ’cause they sometimes associate to tech giants such as Facebook (now Meta), but I’ve got good news on that front: the Metaverse cannot be – and therefore it won’t be – centralised. And that means that for better or worse, no one company or entity will be able to take control and monopoly over it, and of it. But that’s a different conversation.

The question I wanna ask is: are you more excited or scared about this technology and its automotive application?

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