Future electric Porsches won’t be silent

I’m glad that Porsche has finally decided to catch up with Nissan and BMW – the only two brands that are taking this issue seriously – to engineer fake exhaust sounds for electric cars.

This is a major problem, in my opinion, and no one is thinking about it. Safety is definitely part of the conversation, which is why Nissan is creating a fake exhaust sound for the Leaf, but there’s something else: when V8s, V12s and V10s are retired, do you really want supercars and sportscars to be silent?

Web magazine CarBuzz has found documents revealing a couple of trademark applications filed by Porsche. They’re basically trying to develop a noise simulator to make electric vehicles louder and nicer to listen to. At the moment, you get some acoustic, annoying ’beep’ at best.

This is important, sound plays a key part in the emotional value, so to speak, of a car. If the car is electric, I don’t want it to sound like a V8 because it would be fake, and it’d probably be annoying, but I think BMW is onto something here, because the sound they’ve developed (with Hollywood composer Hans Zimmerman) sounds kinda nice. Hopefully Porsche can do the same.

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