Mercedes-Maybach and Off-White release limited-edition S-Class and capsule collection in memory of Virgil Abloh

On November 28, 2021 Virgil Abloh passed away at the age of 41. During his relatively short time on Earth, the American designer strongly influenced the fashion world and left a long-lasting legacy that changed the way we look at design in general.

Abloh was a designer, but he was also a pop culture icon. His family came from Ghana but Ablo was born and raised in Illinois, but he spent a lot of time in Europe, especially in Milan where he started his career as an intern at Fendi, before making his big move to Louis Vuitton.

He was named artistic director of the French brand in 2018, a position he held until his death, but he was also the founder and CEO of Off-White, a design and fashion brand that took the world by storm.

Back in 2021, a few months before the tragic event, Abloh began working with Daimler, specifically Mercedes-Maybach, on three limited-edition vehicles – a G-Class, a quirky concept car called Project Maybach and this, an S-Class, which also comes with a capsule collection ispired by the Project Maybach.

Based on the Mercedes-Maybach S 680, the car features a two-tone sand-black colour scheme, with matching gold-tone/sand wheels and beige leather upholstery with black accents. Even the MBUX infotainment system has been customised specifically for this car.

The engine is untouched, it’s still the same 6.0-litre V12 that powers the ‘regular’ 680, delivering 612 hp and propelling the car to 60 mph from standstill in just 4.5 seconds. The top speed is electronically limited to 155 mph.

Off-White and Maybach are also dropping a capsule collection – again with a strong ‘sandy’ theme – with hoodies, gloves, baseball caps and t-shirts, made from canvas, suede and neopren.

If you can afford the car (POA), you should go buy it. Like, now.

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