You can now change the colour of your BMW on demand!

Automakers regularly use words like ‘pioneering’ and ‘reinventing’ but this time, BMW has really done something special. The company has invented a new type of paint that can change colour on demand. They call it ‘E Ink’. They’re showcasing this new technology at the Las Vegas CES as we speak. Stella Clarke, Head of the … More You can now change the colour of your BMW on demand!

What is the ‘BMW eDrive zone’ and does your city have one?

BMW Group has devised something called the ‘eDrive Zone’, which is now available in 138 cities in 20 European countries. It is basically a service that they offer, using technology that allows plug-in hybrid BMWs to automatically switch to all-electric driving mode upon entering inner city areas, thus reducing emissions and of course helping you … More What is the ‘BMW eDrive zone’ and does your city have one?

BMW Vision Next 100

It’s called the Vision Next 100 and it is, just like its name, visionary and a bit weird. BMW celebrated their 100th birthday with a proper stunner, the Next 100 is incredible. Every bit as innovative as it is bonkers. quite catchy, innit?  

Flabbergasted Drive: BMW i8. → Timing Is Key

Hello and well, welcome to the future! Don’t go in too soon, don’t take out too soon. Timing is key. It’s a basic rule and it applies to most things in life. Fishing, hunting, gambling. It certainly applies to the stock market. After Summer 2009, the EUR/USD exchange rate was about 1,49. The British Pound Sterling, … More Flabbergasted Drive: BMW i8. → Timing Is Key


I’m in Munich, Monaco, München. Bavaria, Bayern, Baviera. And it is disperse, deserted and quiet. Which is odd because today is the day of the start of the Oktoberfest, which starts in September. The streets around the centre are cobbled, pebbled and full of dead and brown and crisp leaves. Traffic is fluid outbound, nearly absent … More Munich.

MINI F56 Cooper S

This story began, as these stories often do, with a promising promenade by the sea, a cold and grey and drab and inland destination a few hundred miles away, a stoic and relentless sunshine and the keys to a brand new, fully fuelled MINI. Except the fuel won’t last. It is. Here we are. Yet … More MINI F56 Cooper S